Resources for Spiritual Leadership and Network Weaving

In March, I facilitated a congregational workshop on spiritual leadership for a Presbyterian church in Erie PA. As I was preparing for the gathering, I started to put together a paper bibliography to share with the group.  Then it dawned on me how totally old school it is to do that in our 21st century networked social media world. We now have a wide variety of programs and sites that can assist you in making notes and sharing information via computer and smartphone.  One site I use regularly is Pinterest, which is really like a big filing cabinet to organize interesting things you find on the internet.

So, I created a Pinterest board titled spiritual leadership and as I find resources that I think might be helpful, I’ll pin them to the board. I also have a board on network weaving, another leadership passion of mine.

I hope you find these links helpful as you lead and serve in your congregation and in the world.