A few years ago, I was asked how I got into coaching. It was through, what I call a trinitarian discernment process. Yeah, I’m a pastor so I frequently use theological terms to describe my life. But what happens with this kind of discernment is that I pay attention to the things happening around me. When I was invited to the ELCA invitational Coaching 101 in 2003, I took note. When I was asked to coach a pastor seeking to find their way in ministry, I thought that was interesting and did it. When the then ELCA Board of Pensions (now Portico Benefit Services) asked me to be a coach for Journey of Renewal, a wellness program, I agreed and worked for them from 2009-2012.  Along the way I found I had some individual clients and in 2016 I was invited to be a coach for the Episcopal Church Foundation’s program now known as the Congregational Leadership Initiative engaging in coaching for congregational leadership teams.

After completing the courses and requirements I was finally credentialed as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaches Federation in 2018.

One of my foci is leaders in transition. If you are looking at coaching, you’re generally looking at some kind of transition. With thirty-eight years serving in leadership positions be it as a pastor for congregations, a campus ministry or synod staff I know the ins and outs of being a leader. Having previously served as an interim pastor and returning to interim ministry in 2020 during the beginning of the pandemic I know about congregations in transition, too.

I also published a newsletter on church leadership themes for 11 years and am a published author on topics like congregational conflict.

I’m a coach who creates a safe place for you to be you and explore your goals and aspirations in new ways. As a writer of curriculum, I’ve learned how to ask good questions to help you learn and grow in your own way. Each person is different and so is their journey.

I’ve always said I am a coach who walks alongside her clients to draw out gifts and new possibilities that exist within them and around them but have gone unexplored. So, let’s start the journey together!