My Leadership Skills

I’ve been letting those within my networks know about areas of concentration that have been emerging in my work lately.  They include:

  1. Coaching: Individuals and groups
  2. Spiritual leadership: What is it? Why every leader in the church needs to be a spiritual leader.How does one notice God in our midst? How does one lead by discernment and not personal agenda? How does one facilitate discerning conversations?
  3. Leading faithfully in a networked world: How has the internet and social media changed expectations in our relationships and in how we lead? How can we experiment with new ways of leading that are less hierarchical and more collaborative? (This is the topic of a book I’m working on.)
  4. Transitions: What are some things we need to consider in healthy transitions? How do we move from endings to new beginnings in healthy ways? (I’ve already conducted a two-day transition retreat for an ELCA Synod that was undergoing transition in leadership and my interim ministry work was leadership in times of transition.)
  5. Mutual ministry seminars based on the material in the book, Pastor and People: Making Mutual Ministry Work, of which I am a co-author.

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